Pokémoem is a Korean website about competitive Pokémon. It was created due to the fact that the [Pokémon Home] official app cannot be used on PC, and it is therefore difficult to view and analyze Battle Stadium usage data. Its most prominent feature is visualization. The application allows users to check usage trends by season and date. In 2021, Pokémoem became more friendly to Korean competitive users, by providing new features such as [Damage / Speed Calculator] and [Teambuilder], [Weekend Competition], [Teams Compendium], etc. It also provides additional features that Battle Stadium users frequently find, such as [Nouthuca Search Helper] [Trainer Ranking Check] and [Korean Official Tournament Standings].


Pokémoem is the successor to RyunaDB, and is built using more web technologies. I created the website as a project while learning web development in August 2020. The website uses Node.js, React.js, Next.js, GraphQL, Express, MySQL and is hosted on Heroku and Microsoft Azure. The website became public in September 14, 2020. In December 2020, Articles feature and Korean Official Tournament Standings feature was added. The website partially supports English after December 28, 2020. In January 2021, [Damage / Speed Calculator] was added. In April 2021, [Teams Compendium] feature was added. In May 9, the website's first [Weekend Competition] was held. In August 12, [Teambuilder] feature was added.

Future Plans

In mid-2021, Pokémoem is going to hold competitions that both Korean and English speakers can participate. Also, the [Calculator] will be translated to English. In late-2021, Pokémoem is planning to release a mobile application.

Thanks To

Youngrok Kim

In July 2020, he gave huge inspiration for this website's main code that parses data from Pokémon Home.

Pikalytics, and other stats usage websites

This website was created with constant inspiration from them.

Korean and English Competitive Scene, and You!

Thank you for all the support and feedback. You, the user of Pokémoem, is the biggest reason I can work on this service.

- Junebum Ryoo (Ryuna), developer of Pokémoem

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